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We are not just a mold remediation company, but our highly qualified staff can provide a variety of professional services.

Indoor Environmental Sampling

If specialized sampling is needed, we have an Industrial Hygienist who is certified with the American Board of Industrial Hygiene to conduct the sampling and to interpret the results. We can discuss your indoor environmental sampling needs and provide you with a quote.

Third Party Clearance Inspection and Sampling

If you have had a mold remediation performed by another contractor, we will objectively and thoroughly evaluate the job. We are aware of the shortcuts that contractors can take during a mold remediation. We will inform you and the contractor regarding the work that was superbly done. If there are areas for improvement or if the inspection indicates the remediation was not complete, we will communicate this information while onsite so there is no delay.

Carpet Cleaning

Our personnel have the experience and equipment to professionally clean your carpets and rugs.

Indoor Environmental / Building Services

From building inspections, to sampling, to remediation, to maintenance plans, we can help you with the evaluation and mitigation of your indoor environmental issue.

Specialty Services

We also have products that can be applied to solar panels to keep them clean and operating at their peak efficiency.

We have products that reduce the transmittance through windows of infrared and ultraviolet light, which reduces energy costs. We have other products that can be applied to refrigerant coils to keep them clean and optimally functioning for up to two years – thereby saving energy.


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