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Our personnel have been trained regarding the safe and proper use of the products we use to correct mold issues.

Although the mold can be clearly seen, many times the reason why the mold is there is not obvious. Thompson Restoration personnel have the knowledge, experience, and training in the diagnosis of why a mold issue may be present within a building structure. We evaluate building structures, mechanical systems, and plumbing systems to arrive at the cause and origin of the moisture source or sources that are causing the mold. We understand what signs can indicate the presence of moisture intrusion and therefore the presence of mold.



We use very specialized techniques and products to get rid of mold. Using our proven and tested system, it is typically not necessary to tear out building materials. This greatly reduces the amount of time you have to be out of your home, office, or building. Sometimes removal is necessary because materials are severely damaged (and should be replaced) or because it extends our ability to effectively correct the mold issue. We take steps to carefully and neatly remove the minimum amount of building material, which lowers your overall cost. Staining on hard surfaces is removed, and the entire dwelling is treated to eliminate mold, mold spores and mold odors.

Because of our specialized techniques, products, and extensive knowledge and training, the time to correct a mold issue is reduced. There are a number of efficiencies that are inherent in the system we use. We do not cut corners. We thoroughly and methodically remediate the mold issue and prepare the building to pass any third party clearance inspection – whether one will be performed or not.



Our specialized products have been skin tested. They are proven to be effective, low/non allergenic and are biodegradable. They have been used in many homes where the occupants have compromised immune systems, with no effects at all. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us.

Because we are able to diagnose the cause of the moisture issue that is causing the mold, we can also show you what could be necessary to fix the issue so the mold does not keep coming back. This is how we can assist you to protect your health, your indoor environment, and your building structure. If you need the services of qualified professionals to repair the issue, we can provide referrals that you can contact.

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